Current and recently completed dissertations at IAEW give a good overview on the institute’s current research focuses and knowledge base.

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M.Sc. Philipp Baumanns
Evaluation of System Adequacy in Renewable Dominated Generation Systems
M.Sc. Raphael Bleilevens
Calculation of relevant short circuit currents in hybrid AC/DC distribution grids
M.Sc. Tim Bongers
Evaluation of Network Reinforcement Measures under Uncertainties
M.Sc. Maximilian Borning
Supporting the Strategic Network Planning Using Nodal Pricing
M.Sc. Niklas van Bracht
Development of the European Generation System Under Uncertainties
M.Sc. Christian Bredtmann
Study of Frequency Stability in the European Power System
M.Sc. Hao Chang
Concept of system operation for new energy network
M.Sc. Hengsi Chen
Technical Potential of Low and Medium Voltage Grids for Providing Flexibility Considering Uncertainties
Dr.-Ing. Dipl.-Wirt.Ing. Tim Drees
Simulation of the future Single European Market for Electricity and Reserves at a high Share of Renewable Energies
M.Sc. Alexander Fehler
Electricity market simulation for decentralized generation systems
Dipl.-Wi.-Ing. Kilian Geschermann
Cost evaluation of market based flexibility provision for distribution grid congestion management
M.Sc. Jan Kellermann
Evaluation of Network Expansion Measures in Subtransmission-Networks under Consideration of Operational Degrees of Freedom
M.Sc. Mihail Ketov
Simulation of European Electricity Markets under consideration of Combined Heat and Power
M.Sc. Annika Klettke
Reliability Assessment of Future Transmission Grids
M.Sc. Patrick Larscheid
Assessment of Quasi-Stationary Voltage Control within the Transmission System
M.Sc. Tobias van Leeuwen
Simulation of Transmission System Operation Considering Uncertainty
M.Sc. Julian Lichtinghagen
Evaluation of the electromagnetic interference in extensive high-voltage grids
M.Sc. Lara Lück
Regional Distribution and Feed-In of Wind Turbines and Photovoltaic Power Systems
Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. Andreas Maaz
Agent-based Simulation of Markets for Control Reserve in Germany
M.Sc. Moritz Maercks
Dynamical assessment of voltage stability