Stability in Energy Distribution Grids


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Philipp Linnartz

Team Leader Stability in Energy Distribution Grids


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Active distribution grids are a consequence of the integration of distributed generation (DG) units as well as controllable grid assets into typically load-dominated distribution grids. The associated increase in power system complexity due to the large number as well as the distributed and diverse character of the generation units represents the central challenge with regard to the stable and secure grid operation. This transition requires and enables new operating, control and protection concepts in energy distribution grids.

Due to these developments, the research team Stability in Energy Distribution Grids investigates the successful securing of the grid integration of DG units and grid assets as well as ensuring the stability of distribution grids, even in critical grid states. For this purpose, dynamic time-domain simulations for stability analysis and quasi-stationary calculations for protection design are applied and further developed as well as laboratory investigations, which are carried out in the distribution grid laboratory (medium and low voltage level) with real grid components.

Key research topics

  • Improvement of power quality (e.g. harmonics, flicker) by DG units
  • Stability analysis of the control interactions of grid assets (e.g. harmonic stability)
  • Ensuring stability for normal grid operation and fault scenarios through analysis and design of control concepts for temporary island grid operation
  • Re-supply and grid restoration by resilient emergency islanded grids
  • Analysis and evaluation of the impact of cyber-attacks on the stability of energy systems
  • Laboratory investigation and model validation of innovative control approaches and grid codes for DG units

Theses of the team SDG