Energy Distribution Grid Planning


Julian Saat © Copyright: Martin Braun


Julian Saat

Team Leader Energy Distribution Grid Planning


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  Illustration of energy distribution network planning Copyright: © IAEW

Distribution grids and their system operators face new questions due to the ongoing energy transition. This is why existing approaches are to be scrutinised and innovations are required in all fields of planning. The research group Energy Distribution Grid Planning develops innovative solution concepts for existing and future distribution grids. Computer-based planning methods for all voltage levels as well as the innovation potentials digitalisation, information and communication technology, direct current technology, sector coupling, electromobility, and the benefit of flexibility provided by grid and customers are focused in current research. The research group offers additional core competences in the fields of reliability and interference analysis, evaluation of regulatory requirements, analysis and evaluation of existing distribution grids, and the derivation of planning principles. Method approaches and planning principles are continuously adjusted in consideration of decentralised generation units, new consumers, and innovative grid components and enable a development towards efficient, reliable and cost optimised distribution grids. Methods are developed based on mathematical optimisation, machine learning and theoretical model analysis and complement existing methods, which have been proven for many years. The research group is in close cooperation with partners from industry based on diverse research projects and is significantly involved in the realisation of new concepts for the energy transition.

Key research topics

  • Analysis and evaluation of existing and future energy distribution grids and supply tasks
  • Development and application of cross-energy grid planning methods considering renewable energy sources, new loads and sector coupling units
  • Planning of information and communication technology in distribution grids
  • Development of planning principles based on real and synthetic distribution grids
  • Planning and operation of distribution grids taking into account direct current technology

Enhancement of mathematical methods for grid modelling and optimisation

Theses of the team EVP