Energy Distribution Grid Operation & Digitalisation


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Thomas Offergeld

Team Leader Energy Distribution Grid Operation & Digitalisation


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  SCADA system in the testing center Copyright: Martin Braun

The research group Energy Distribution Grid Operation & Digitalisation addresses the challenges and opportunities that arise from an increasingly interconnected decentralised energy system. On the one hand, the group develops mathematical and AI-based decision support systems for the cross-sectoral optimisation of a flexible grid and plant operation. These are based on system state estimation and forecasts and consider novel grid structures such as hybrid AC/DC grids as well as uncertainties. On the other hand, innovative ICT-architectures for decision support and automated decision-making systems are assessed through cross-domain simulations of energy- and ICT-systems. Upon those foundations the research group develops cooperative detection and defence mechanisms for cyber-attacks in an increasingly interconnected System of Systems.

The tools used within the research group comprise monolithic and distributed mathematical optimisation, machine learning and the co-simulation of energy information systems. By interfacing the developed solutions with the primary and secondary electrical equipment within the Center for Grid Integration and Storage Technologies a virtually scalable cyber-physical research testbed is created. The results generated in this environment are again validated in numerous field tests conducted by the research group and its project partners.

Key research topics

  • Optimisation of grid operation and coordination of grid- and plant-side flexibility
  • Resilient and scalable ICT-architectures for distribution grid operation
  • Cyber-physical co-simulation of energy information systems
  • Cybersecurity in an increasingly interconnected energy system

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