Distributed Flexibility


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Klemens Schumann

Team Leader Distributed Flexibility


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The research team Distributed Flexibility focusses on the design of future energy systems against the background of an increasing share of distributed resources. The cross-sectoral transformation of generation, consumption and flexibility patterns driven by energy transition goals as well as the deployment of digital technologies give rise to new coordination mechanisms for distributed energy systems, which need to be specified and evaluated in line with high technical and economic efficiency expectations.

Against this background, the research team develops methods and tools for the expansion planning and operation of distributed energy systems, which enable a cross-sectoral exploitation of the distributed flexibility potential in the electricity, gas, heating and mobility domains. Key focus is laid on the optimisation of urban and rural districts as well as local energy and flexibility markets.

Key research topics

  • Modelling of distributed, multimodal energy systems
  • Conceptualization, development and demonstration of local energy and flexibility markets
  • Identification and evaluation of business models in the context of digital, multimodal, distributed energy systems
  • Planning and operation of multimodal districts

Theses of the team DEFLEX