DC Systems


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Patrick Düllmann

Team Leader DC Systems


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DC transmission systems form an integral part of worldwide grid expansion plans to transport bulk power and support existing AC grids. Their integration results in a variety of new challenges, in particular with respect to the dynamic and transient system behavior during line faults. Based on comprehensive component and system studies with EMT models developed at the institute and hardware-in-the-loop setups, team DC Control and Protection investigates strategic solutions for the integration and reliable operation of of future DC lines and networks into existing transport network structures. This includes the analysis of new types of switchgear as well as the development of suitable converter control methods and DC protection strategies.

Key research topics

  • EMT modelling and simulation of DC system topologies
  • Analysis of the fault behaviour ‟from electric arcs to comprehensive system protection“
  • Development of new concepts for fault detection, localization and clearing as well as system recovery in future DC topologies
  • Combination of real-time simulation and hardware-in-the-loop setups to analyse and evaluate the behaviour of future HVDC systems in meshed AC grids

Theses of the team DC