Asset Management

  Overview of the field of expertise Asset Management Copyright: © IAEW

From strategic network planning to ageing models of the components used, the institute offers interdisciplinary cooperation between the chairs. The field of expertise Asset Management combines many years of expertise from practice and research in the fields of electricity and gas network planning for transmission and distribution grids with a profound understanding of the system, the components and materials used, and detailed physical processes. The field of expertise has at its disposal extensive simulation and calculation programs as well as methods, which have been used and tested over many years for the detailed expansion and basic planning of energy networks, taking into account the increasing sector coupling and the expansion of regenerative generation plants. The focus is on efficiency, supply reliability and profitability as well as the optimal renewal and maintenance strategy. A modern, well-equipped laboratory environment enables both application-oriented and fundamental research in relation to the equipment and materials used. Physical simulation at the (sub-)component level rounds off the profile of this field of competence.

Key research topics

  • Condition evaluation of operating resources and asset simulations
  • Development of modern, environmentally friendly insulation materials
  • Development of switching concepts
  • Investigation of medium-frequency high-voltage loads
  • Diagnosis and post-mortem analysis of operating resources
  • Assessment of the future European energy supply system with regard to environmental compatibility, security of supply and overall economic efficiency
  • Cross-sectoral optimisation of the expansion of energy supply systems and networks
  • Planning of information and communication technology in the distribution network
  • Development of planning principles and strategies