Flexibility Coordination

  Solar cells in front of a wind farm at dusk Copyright: © Pixabay

The transformation of the energy system in Germany and Europe is associated with a decentralisation of the electric power system and an increased coupling of the electricity, heat, gas and transport sectors. On the one hand, the market and grid integration of renewable energies and sector coupling technologies poses new challenges for the energy system. On the other hand, the transformation process of the energy system leads to an increase in flexibility potentials provided by, among others, power-heat coupling, storage systems or electric mobility. To use the flexibility potentials efficiently, properly designed coordination processes are required.

In the field of expertise Flexibility Coordination, we develop approaches for the cross-sectoral coordination of flexibility potentials as well as methods to perform simulative market and grid analyses to determine and evaluate the use of flexibility. The focus of our research is on the interfaces and coordination mechanisms between local and central energy markets and between transmission and distribution systems to coordinate congestion management measures and provide ancillary services. Our research also focuses approaches and concepts for the design of flexibility markets for grid operators and flexibility providers. Furthermore, facing the increasing need for communication and information exchange for flexibility provision, relevant IT security and reliability aspects are analysed within simulations and cyber-physical systems.

Key research topics

  • Analysis of interdependencies and development of adequate interfaces between local and central energy markets
  • Design and analysis of coordination mechanisms for flexibility provision between transmission and distribution grids as well as flexibility providers
  • Development of market mechanisms and analysis of the regulatory framework with regard to flexibility provision for the market and grid integration of renewable energies
  • Evaluation of IT security and reliability of required communication processes