Protection & Stability

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Motivated by the energy transition, the structural changes of the energy supply system and the increasing integration of innovative components and equipment have substantial implications for the reliable and stable system operation. Across the three professorial chairs, the research groups System Stability, DC Systems and Stability in Distribution Grids work together closely within the field of expertise Protection & Stability to develop new and enhanced operation, control and protection concepts for transmission and distribution grids based on analytical methods and models. One of the main research aspects addresses DC point-to-point and multi-terminal systems as well as their interactions with the surrounding AC systems. In addition, extensive stability studies of large-scale power systems are conducted and measures to ensure short- and long-term stability of the system are determined. Moreover, concepts to provide ancillary services from renewable generation are developed as well as concepts for temporary islanded operation of active distribution grids. The use of extensive laboratory equipment allows an experimental analysis and validation of the simulation models and the developed control and protection concepts.

Main research topics:

  • Design and analysis of protection concepts for multi-terminal DC systems
  • Evaluation of interactions between AC and DC systems
  • Stability analyses of large-scale power systems based on time-domain simulations
  • Control and operation strategies to ensure system stability
  • Simulative and experimental analyses of the dynamic behaviour of active distribution grids
  • Stability analyses of concepts for the temporary islanded operation of active distribution grids