A Benchmark Case for Network Expansion Methods


The development of methods for the simulation of the grid operation or expansion of electrical transmission grids requires the validation by test models. Therefore, a synthetic network model developed at IAEW (former IFHT) is published here. The intension is to provide the research community with an appropriate benchmark case and to motivate other authors to use it for the performance comparison of Transmission Expansion Planning (TEP) models.

The model is derived from the IEEE 118 bus network and modified in accordance with European standards such as a nominal frequency of 50Hz, the use of conventional voltage levels, and conductor dimensions. To simulate realistic utilization patterns over multiple grid situations (snapshots), time series for load, RES infeed and the conventional generators’ Economic Dispatch for a whole year in hourly resolution are considered.

Moreover, a scenario based approach is chosen to predict future generation related to potential occurrences of different trends. In alignment to the German Grid Development Plan one present scenario (2013) and three future scenarios are defined, which can be distinguished regarding the moderate (2023A), as planned (2023B) and optimistic (2023C) increase of renewable share in the generation mix in terms of installed capacity. This provides a coherent background for TEP models evaluating the robustness of the resulting topology with respect to future, uncertain developments.

To guarantee identical frame conditions for power flow simulations, the grid topology including all necessary electrical parameters in conjunction with the working point of all generators, the reactive and active power demand of all loads and the voltage magnitude and angle at each network bus are provided for each scenario.

A detailed description of the network model as well as an adequate specification of the expansion measures to be considered is described in:

H. Barrios, A. Roehder, H. Natemeyer, and A. Schnettler,
A Benchmark Case for Network Expansion Methods,
PowerTech Eindhoven 2015: Eindhoven, Netherlands, 29 June – 2 July 2015

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