Energy Markets and Grid Operation



Kevin Pacco

Team Leader Energy markets and grid operation


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  Overiew of the European energy grid Copyright: © IAEW

European efforts to strengthen internal electricity trade, expand generation capacity based on renewable energy sources, and electrify energy demand increase the interdependence between markets and grids. Given the expected worsening of the congestion situation, innovative concepts are needed for its elimination and for voltage maintenance. For operations, this results in new challenges for a wide range of stakeholders, from regulators to market participants to transmission system operators. In addition, there are questions regarding the potential of an adapted bidding zone configuration and the evaluation of resource adequacy.

The research group develops methods and models for simulating the operation of the European electricity markets and transmission grids to answer the addressed questions from a technical, economic, and business perspective. Studies use models for the power plant fleet and the high-voltage and extra-high-voltage grids in Europe, developed in-house and constantly refined.

Key research topics

  • Economic and business evaluation of unit commitment and market results
  • (Flow-based) simulation of the European internal electricity market
  • Feed-in simulation and unit commitment for centralized and decentralized (sector-coupled) plants considering technical restrictions in markets and grid congestion management
  • Reactive/curative and automated grid operation management in the transmission system
  • Cross-sector congestion management concepts
  • Coordination of measures for the grid operational implementation of grid expansion projects

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