Power System Operation


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Katharina Kollenda

Team Leader Power System Operation


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Due to efforts towards a common European electricity market and changes in the generation structure of the European electricity supply system, the long-distance transport demand in the European transmission network increases. In order to adapt this changes, among other things, new power flow control measures are used to avoid bottlenecks in the network and optimally use the existing transmission infrastructure. However, these measures also increase the coordination effort in grid operation. All these changes confront transmission system operators with new challenges in the operation of the transmission network. In this context, the research group "Power System Operation" develops computational models and procedures in cooperation with network operators, regulators, authorities and component manufacturers in order to simulate the transmission network operation and to evaluate new network operation concepts considering uncertainties.

The research group investigates operation concepts for the integration of innovative network measures aiming to improve the utilisation of the existing network infrastructure. In order to access further transport options, the research group examines concepts coupling the electrical transmission network with the gas transmission network. Furthermore, other key research areas include concepts of a joint network operation between transmission and distribution system operators as well as the consideration of network safety and system stability assessments in the network operation planning. The investigations are based on models of the real high-voltage and extra-high-voltage grid as well as the gas transmission grid in Germany and Europe, which are continuously improved.

Key research topics

  • Reactive/curative and automated network operation in the transmission system
  • Cross-sector operational concepts
  • Joint congestion and reactive power management of transmission and distribution system operator
  • Coordination of measures for the operational implementation of grid expansion projects

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