System Stability and Grid Security


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Martin Knechtges

Team Leader System stability and grid security


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The change in generation and demand structure poses new challenges for grid operators in terms of ensuring grid security and system stability. The increasing number of active grid components and innovative grid assets change the transmission grid operation and the dynamic system characteristics, but also offer new possibilities to manage current- and voltage-dependent congestions and to maintain the system stability. Against this background, the research group for system stability and grid security is developing various models and methods for the simulation of transmission grid operation and dynamic system behaviour in order to investigate innovative operation management concepts on one hand and system stability in renewable energy systems on the other hand. The focus of these investigations is on concepts and new technologies to provide ancillary services for maintaining system stability and grid security in the future power system.

Key research topics

  • Joint congestion and reactive power management of transmission and distribution system operators
  • Development of grid operation simulation methods for the evaluation of innovative grid operation concepts
  • Dimensioning and placement of static and dynamic reactive power reserves and compensation systems
  • Design of converters and development of frequency and voltage supporting control concepts
  • Modeling and simulation of active distribution grids for stability studies in the transmission system
  • Simulation of system splits as well as frequency stability under consideration of frequency-voltage interdependencies
  • Investigation of the influence of active grid components on harmonic stability

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