High Voltage Technology


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Tim Ballweber

Chief Engineer High Voltage Technology


+49 241 80-94897


  Flashover across a station-post insulator Copyright: © Martin Braun

Reliable components of primary and secondary technology and a deep understanding of the dynamic system behaviour form the backbone of a secure electric power supply. The professorial chair for High Voltage Equipment and Technology works on a wide variety of material-, component- and system-related research topics. These range from environmentally friendly insulating materials and equipment to control and protection concepts for DC systems. The chair has a wide range of laboratory environments at its disposal for characterising materials and investigating components of primary and secondary technology. Moreover, simulation models and developed control and protection concepts can be validated based on laboratory experiments. A well-established network of interdisciplinary partners within and outside RWTH Aachen University enables addressing the challenging research questions and rounds off the profile of the chair.

Key research topics

  • Insulation materials and systems for DC and high-voltage medium-frequency applications
  • Switching of direct currents
  • Environmentally friendly insulating gases and switch technologies
  • Thermal modelling of innovative conductor technologies and gas-insulated switchgear
  • Diagnosis of circuit-breakers
  • Asset management of operating equipment
  • Design and analysis of control and protection concepts for meshed DC systems
  • Development, optimisation and application minimally invasive diagnostic methods
  • Integration of DC systems in existing AC grid structures