Chair Transmission Grids and Energy Economics



Patrick Schwerdt

Chief Engineer Transmission Grids and Energy Economics


+49 241 80 97655


  Idyllic sunrise over a wind farm Copyright: © IAEW

Due to the increasing amount of distributed and intermittent generation of renewable energy sources, new requirements for energy transmission and trading arise. In practice, these requirements have an impact on the identification of grid expansion measures and the determination of restrictions for trading electrical energy. At the same time, it can be observed that the coupling between energy sectors increases, individual behaviour of actors arises and the utilisation of thermal power plants decreases. Against this background and the widespread use of innovative equipment and concepts, system stability and security of supply must be assessed under this new conditions and using adapted methods.

The Chair Transmission Grids and Energy Economics therefore aims at modelling, simulation and assessment of the European energy system from the perspective of the energy market and the transmission grids. Aspects of transmission gird operation and expansion as well as system stability are focus of this work. Furthermore, the investigation of the energy markets in Germany and Europe with regard to the supply of electricity, gas and heat is a core element of research. The methods and procedures developed at the Chair for Transmission Grids and Energy Economics and cooperation within the IAEW can be used to identify interdependencies at an early stage in order to set the course for the future energy system.

Key research topics

  • Operation and planning of future energy systems under consideration of energy sector coupling
  • Design and simulation of energy markets
  • Investigations of security of supply and system stability
  • Development of methods for stationary and dynamic simulation of transmission network operation and network planning

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