Publicly Funded Research Projects


The research teams at IAEW work on a multitude of publicly funded research projects, which, amongst others, are funded by the European Union, the federal government, Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) and Arbeitsgemeinschaft industrieller Forschungsvereinigungen (AiF). The topics of these projects range from classic high-voltage technology research to the modelling and simulation as well as the optimisation and assessment of the technical and economic development and behaviour of the electrical power system, in particular the electric power generation, transmission and distribution, but also profit maximisation, quality of supply and environmental compatibility. Moreover, the areas of electromobility, digitalisation and IT security form an important part of the research projects at IAEW.

The following list gives an overview of our current publicly funded research projects as well as former projects, which have concluded successfully. We wish to express our gratitude to the public entities and program managements for the continuous support of our research.

Project Topic Funding Start End
Fuel Science Center EXC 2186 Adaptive Conversion Systems for Renewable Energy and Carbon Sources DFG 01.2019 12.2025
Q-SWOP Integrated planning and metrologically monitored implementation of distributed supply concepts in different districts BMWi 10.2018 09.2023
INTERFACE TSO-DSO-Consumer INTERFACE architecture to provide innovative grid services for an efficient power system EU 01.2019 12.2022
PlaMES Integrated Planning of Multi-Energy Systems EU 11.2019 10.2022
HydroFlex Increasing the value of Hydropower through increased Flexibility EU 05.2018 04.2022
U-Quality Implications of future low-voltage grid use cases for power quality BMWi 04.2019 03.2022
MODEX-Net Comparison of power grid models in a European context, sub-project: The MarS and ZKNOT models BMWi 01.2019 12.2021
FlexHub Distributed flexibility data register for future electricity markets of the energy transition BMWi 01.2019 12.2021
MAGICAL Market and grid integration of centralised and local markets BMBF 10.2019 09.2021
InnoSys 2030 Innovation in Power System Operation until 2030 BMWi 10.2018 09.2021
MEDIT Methods for energy grid actors for prevention, detection and reaction against IT-failures and attacks BMWi 10.2018 09.2021
MAKSIM Development of a cost-effective measuring and diagnostic system for the optimization of the maintenance and renewal planning of the medium and low voltage equipment park BMWi 09.2018 08.2021
STeP Development of a method for integrated distribution gird and PLC technology planning taking into account scenario and use case-dependent requirements BMWi 09.2018 08.2021
BlockcENtive Disruptive changes in power economics caused by the blockchain technology BMWi 07.2019 06.2021
SINTEG - DESIGNETZ SINTEG – Schaufenster intelligente Energie BMWi 01.2017 12.2020
SINTEG - enera Digitalisation of the power supply; sub-project: Interlinking of grid planning and operation BMWi 01.2017 12.2020
Plan4Res Synergistic Approach of Multi-Energy Models for an European Optimal Energy System Management Tool EU 11.2017 10.2020
eMIND Investigation of the loading of distribution grids caused by commercial and semi-public charging infrastructure in the city of Düren as well as development of load management concepts BMWi 11.2019 09.2020
Cities in Charge Analysis of the effects of charging infrastructure and the benefits of intelligent charging control on the utilisation of distribution grids and development of a grid generator to generate representative and georeferenced synthetic grid data BMWi 08.2018 09.2020
Concept ELV² – Technology Developing electric mobility concepts for heavy-duty distribution traffic and investigation of the effects of charging processes of electric trucks on the utilisation of distribution grids BMWi 10.2017 01.2020
FitTherm Load profiles and test specifications for fittings for high-temperature conductors BMWi 07.2017 12.2019
PROMOTioN Progress on Meshed HVDC Offshore Transmission Networks EU 01.2016 12.2019
DCLab High-performance test circuit for DC components BMWi 10.2015 09.2019
ENSURE Further development of existing energy supply systems to meet future requirements BMBF 01.2016 08.2019
SimBench Setup, method and preparation of a simulation data basis for a standardised comparison of innovative solutions in the field of network analysis, grid planning and operation BMWi 11.2015 04.2019
DeCAS Demonstration of coordinated ancillary services covering different voltage levels and the integration in future markets EU 09.2016 03.2019
FEN Application of DC technologies in distribution grids BMBF 10.2014 03.2019
BERCOM Blueprint for Pan-European Resilient Critical Infrastructures based on LTE Communications BMBF 09.2015 02.2019
3connect Design of a traffic light concept taking into account electromobility in the commercial sector BMWi 01.2016 12.2018
IBoTec Innovative drilling technology for laying underground cables as part of network expansion BMWi 07.2016 12.2018
Kryo 2 Long-term electrical strength and aging of mixed polymer dielectrics for low-temperature applications DFG 01.2017 12.2018
ELYntegration Grid Integrated Multi Megawatt High Pressure Alkaline Electrolysers for Energy Applications EU 09.2015 08.2018
SwarmGrid Safe operation of power grids by system services of user swarms BMBF 08.2015 07.2018
M5BAT Modular multi-Megawatt multi-technology medium-voltage battery storage system BMWi 07.2013 06.2018
The proactive distribution grid Future concepts and their economic assessment BMWi 12.2014 04.2018
IREN2 Microgrids as island grids and as topological power plants BMWi 07.2014 04.2018
Spectroscopic analysis of switching arcs Analysis and modelling of switching arcs using spectroscopic methods DFG 01.2016 03.2018
U-Control Technical and economic comparison of methods for strategic voltage stability BMWi 11.2014 02.2018
Genesys 2 Transformation of the energy system with an increasing share of renewable generation units combined with the extension of grid and storage infrastructures from an European perspective BMU 08.2014 12.2017
PerSeuS Planning principles for extended stability considerations embedded in European power system BMBF 07.2015 12.2017
SLAM Charging infrastructure, electromobility BMWi 01.2014 08.2017
Smart Area Aachen Maintenance in future distribution networks with innovative components BMWi 12.2012 06.2017
ENERWA Energetic optimisation of the entire water economy system (dams/rivers – processing of drinking water – transport-storage-distribution) BMBF 04.2014 03.2017
SEnCom System security of power systems with integration of information and communication technologies BMWi 12.2014 01.2017
evolvDSO Development of methodologies and tools for new and evolving DSO roles for efficient DRES integration in distribution networks EU 09.2013 12.2016
ProFuDiS Protection systems for future distribution grids BMWi 12.2012 12.2016
Modellstadt25+ Lampertheim efficiency: Innovative concepts to realise energy efficiency potentials in medium-sized cities BMWi 06.2012 11.2016
KonStGas Integration of fluctuating renewable energy via a convergent use of power and gas systems (convergence of power and gas systems) BMWi 08.2013 09.2016
ReWal The change of reserve markets – new concepts for a higher security of supply BMWi 09.2013 08.2016
AC/DC Integration of DC systems in existing meshed AC systems BMWi 12.2012 05.2016
Smart Power Hamburg Contributions of RWTH Aachen regarding operational strategies BMWi 01.2011 12.2015
Smart Region Pellworm Demonstration of a hybrid storage system for a stable, cost-efficient and market-oriented power supply based on renewable energies BMWi 04.2012 06.2015
Distribution system study Modern distribution systems for Germany BMWi 12.2012 10.2014
METIS Modelling of the European supply system EU since 2014