Research at IAEW

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The Institute for High Voltage Equipment and Grids, Digitalization and Energy Economics is set up of the professorial chairs Active Energy Distribution Grids, High Voltage Technology and Transmission Grids and Energy Economics with more than 90 research associates working on current research topics in the context of the ongoing energy transition. The three chairs are sub-divided into 9 research groups, which complement one another both methodically and content-wise within the respective chairs and across the fields of expertise Asset Management, Flexibility Coordination and Protection & Stability.


Spectrum of research topics

The spectrum of research topics expands from the development of new insulating materials and electrical equipment across the modelling and simulation of cross-sector energy systems and markets towards IT security within critical infrastructures. In this regard, IAEW is cooperating closely with the Institute for Automation of Complex Power Systems, the department Digital Energy of the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology (FIT), the Flexible Electrical Networks Research Campus and FGH, amongst others.