Projekt “Hands-On Optimization of the European Power Market” (M. Sc.)



Raphael Houben

Team Energy System and Market Design


+49 241 80 96719



Description of the project work

European energy systems are subject to developments and new challenges as a result of the energy transition. Herein, the European power market whose functioning is becoming increasingly complex is of central importance. Thus, the following question arises permanently: How can power markets be represented appropriately by means of mathematical optimization? On the one hand, the market functioning must be understood and, on the other hand, technical restrictions of power plants and the electrical grid must be taken into account. The aim of this project is a guided development of such a power market simulation to be able to analyze future market activities with the help of mathematical optimization.

All course events will be held as livestream/web conference. Further, this project is characterized by using modern software and digital submission of exercises. The necessary teamwork can also take place via web conference. Further information will be provided via Moodle prior to the kick-off date.

The kick-off date for the summer semester 2021 will take place on 03.05.2021 from 9:00-12:00h. The participation is mandatory.