Sustainable Distribution Systems (M.Sc.)


Description of the laboratory course

We offer you support from our experts and all necessary resources for the implementation of the project work in an interactive environment. You have the possibility to choose from two current subjects concerning the energy system transformation. The focus of the topics "Optimization of decentralized energy supply structures" and "Distribution network planning" is on models for the integration of renewable energies. In both subjects you will learn the basic methodical techniques required nowadays to develop simulation models in MATLAB.

1. Topic "Optimisation of distributed energy supply structures"

In a team and under intensive supervision, you will develop a model for the design of the energy supply of buildings. In the context of the energy transition, innovative and regenerative technology options, such as PV systems, heat pumps and storage technologies, are the main focus. Within the framework of the project you will learn how to setup and implement optimization models in MATLAB. The work also examines the underlying financial mathematics and the regulatory framework (Renewable Energies Act, etc.).

2. Topic "Distribution Grid Planning"

Teamwork and intensive support are also a key part of our philosophy here. The energy transition without grids is impossible! And since renewable energies are predominantly installed in distribution grids, the thematic focus is on the simulation of distribution grids with a large number of renewable energy plants and electric vehicles. In addition to the plants, the grids are simulated. Computer-based power flow calculations and visualisations are the main focus in this context. On the grid side you will get to know both the topics of operational management and grid expansion planning.