Cyber Security

  A continuous cycle of overlapping processes in Cyber Security Copyright: © IAEW

A central component of market and flexibility concepts is an increased networking of decentralized energy resources and classic process data and SCADA systems, whereby the increasing networking also poses the risk of unauthorized access by third parties. Based on this circumstance, new issues arise for the energy sector regarding cyber security and its effects on stationary as well as dynamic system operation.

Specifically, the challenges lie in the design of resilient system and communication architectures (Security by Design), detection of multi-staged, coordinated attacks (Threat Hunting) and reaction and prevention of cyber incidents (Incident Response). In addition, potential vulnerabilities and attack vectors in the overall system as well as individual components must be identified, modelled and mapped (Threat Modelling).

To tackle these challenges and to develop novel approaches, both at the component and systemic scale, simulation tools are used in conjunction with real components (Cyber-Physical System). For that, the IAEW cooperates with the Fraunhofer FIT, the Fraunhofer FKIE and the ACS of the RWTH Aachen University within the framework of the Fraunhofer Center for Digital Energy.