Block chain

  Transfer and storage of energy data by blockchain Copyright: © IAEW

The decentralization in the energy sector leads to a need for new processes and coordination measures in order to continue to operate the energy system safely and reliably. Against this background, block chain technology enables existing processes to be revised and new business models to be developed. Through high data security, automation of business processes in the form of Smart Contracts and the avoidance of intermediaries, block chain technology offers a wide range of possible use cases.

In cooperation with Fraunhofer FIT, IAEW designs, develops and evaluates block chain applications for the energy sector. In identifying block chain potentials, previous transactions are optimized and innovation potential at business process level is uncovered. The Blockchain Lab offers implementation services ranging from business and requirements analysis, through process design, to prototypes for the identified business processes - for example as proof of concept or for implementation to fit individual IT landscapes.