Resource adequacy and supply reliability

  Tools to analyze the Resource Adequacy/Reliability of Supply Copyright: © IAEW

Security of supply for customers is a fundamental aspect of the European electricity system. The IAEW can assess security of supply both system-wide in the form of resource adequacy and regionally or locally through the reliability of supply of distribution grids. For questions regarding resource adequacy, the IAEW has an approved model based on a Monte Carlo simulation, with which parameters (e.g. LOLE, EENS, etc.) can be derived to assess European and national resource adequacy. In particular, grid-side restrictions at transmission system level are taken into account using a flow-based model. To assess the reliability of supply of distribution grids, reliability parameters of the connected grid customers are determined by means of an analytical reliability calculation. This reliability calculation can be used, for example, to optimize the switchgear design or the ICT penetration of distribution grids.