Grid expansion

  Grid capacity utilization and grid expansion measures in the German transmission grid Copyright: © IAEW

In order to ensure a secure and reliable grid operation, power grids must be cost-efficiently optimised, reinforced and expanded. In recent years, the growth of generation plants based on renewable energy sources (RES) has led to a high level of grid expansion and thus to a high need for grid planning at transmission and distribution grid level. An additional coupling of the electricity sector with the gas, heat or mobility sector further increases the requirement on grid planning.

With the methods developed at the IAEW, the need for action in grid planning can be identified and quantified. The determination of grid expansion and the evaluation of grid planning measures can be carried out by grid expansion planning procedures, taking into account the existing grid, or by reference and target grid planning procedures based on a "greenfield" approach. The methods support the planning of alternating current (AC), direct current (DC) and hybrid AC-DC grids, taking into account power flow controlling components for both the transmission and distribution grid.

With models for the grid usage behaviour of grid customers such as electric vehicles, power-to-heat or power-to-gas plants, grid supporting measures based on generation and consumption adjustments can be already addressed in grid planning.