European Energy System Planning

  European transmission network Copyright: © IAEW

The targeted European climate protection goals require substantial structural and technological adjustments in all sectors of the energy industry. In addition to the electricity sector, this includes the heating, gas and mobility sectors. An integrated European energy system planning is necessary for the efficient use of all potentials to reduce emissions.

The tools for analysing and planning future energy systems are very diverse. Depending on a designed scenario, the future energy demand can be specified on European scale, at adjustable regional or temporal resolution. In a further step, multi-modal energy systems are designed in a model-based approach. Alternatively, it is possible to investigate concrete system designs and to investigate the effects on market participants by mapping the general heat, mobility and gas demand. Based on detailed weather data, future load situations, in particular of electrical renewables, are derived and included in system planning. Finally, the effects of a jointly operated gas and electricity infrastructure are investigated.

Reference projects:

Fuel Science Center