Integrated electricity and gas network planning

  German electricity transmission and gas transport grid Copyright: © IAEW

In order to ensure a secure, economic and at the same time ecological energy supply in the long term across all sectors, energy systems must be planned integrally. Beside the electricity grid, the existing gas infrastructure plays an important role related to a fuel switch to hydrogen, since on the one hand the spatial and temporal imbalance of supply and demand for energy can be balanced, and on the other hand a cost-effective defossilisation of all sectors is possible. These developments put a comprehensive view of the energy system and the associated transport infrastructure into focus.

At the IAEW there are established tools for the integrated energy system planning of electricity, hydrogen and methane infrastructures, which lead from the definition of full scenarios for the sectors, an integrated power flow optimisation to a capacity-based or even line-specific expansion planning. The interdisciplinary competences in the fields of energy economics, energy system planning and energy system operation enable the IAEW to perform and evaluate entire energy system models.