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Team Insulation Systems


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Due to its extensive laboratory equipment, the IAEW is able to offer a wide range of services. One focus is the testing of insulation systems and materials.

Standardized routine tests for insulation systems and materials are:

  • Determination of the volume resistance and specific volume resistance of insulating materials according to IEC 62631-3-1
  • Determination of the surface resistance and specific surface resistance of insulating materials according to IEC 62631-3-2
  • Determination of the dielectric strength for AC according to IEC 60243-1 (DIN VDE 0303-21)
  • Determination of the dielectric strength for DC according to IEC 60243-2 (DIN VDE 0303-22)
  • Determination of the electrical impulse withstand voltage according to IEC 60243-3
  • Determination of the dielectric characteristics (dielectric constant and loss factor) according to DIN VDE 0303 part 4.
  • Determination of the resistance to electrical arc according to IEC 61621 / VDE 0303-71.

For insulation systems in switchgear and in many other applications in the field of high-voltage technology, the following are also available:

  • Partial discharge measurements (IEC EN 60270:2001, DIN VDE 0434)
  • Resistance to tracking and erosion (DIN EN 60587:2008)
  • Investigation of lightning impulse withstand voltage (IEC 60243-3)
  • Determination of the resistance to electrical arc (IEC 61621 / VDE 0303-71)
  • Determination of the resistance to electrical arc under DC stress according to Cigré WG D1.72
  • Dynamic drop test according to Cigré TB 442
  • Modified-wheel-dip test

Due to our participation in the respective Cigré Working groups, we are qualified to perform these tests for you competently. All tests can be carried out in climatic chambers to investigate the behaviour of insulation systems under various external influences. To investigate the influence of temperature on the insulation system, we provide various furnaces up to 900°C. For the simulation of sudden drops in temperature, a so-called thermal shock cabinet is available, which enables testing according to DIN EN 60068-2-14. In long-term test benches, ageing phenomena under electrical stress can be tested and monitored.

In our testing facility in Hüttenstraße, we perform:

  • Certification measurements for generating units according to FGW TR3, VDE4105 and 4110 (In cooperation with accredited testing institutes)
  • Development tests of low voltage components, e.g. PV power inverters
  • Tests on transmission line conductors at variable ambient conditions in the transmission line laboratory (High current source up to 10 V AC, 3 kA; heated wind channel with 0,5 x 5 m2 nozzle orifices; sun simulation up to 900 watts/m2)
  • Tests in the DC Lab: high power test field for DC transmission components, pulsed current up to 30 kA, heating test bench with high current source (up to 24 V DC, 5 kA)
  High power test field for DC transmission components Copyright: © Martin Braun

On request, the tests can also be carried out in accordance with other standards or test specifications than the DIN VDE standards. In addition, it is possible at IAEW to carry out investigations under special ambient conditions (frequencies, temperatures, pressures, humidity, ambient media, etc.). Please contact us via telephone or send your request and requirements via E-Mail.

Furthermore, we offer numerous other tests as well as non-electrical tests, e.g.:

  • Electrical and thermal tests according to specification sheets for the automotive industry (e.g. testing the crack behaviour under thermal load cycles, detection of material changes)
  • Light Microscopy
  • Laser Microscopy
  • Determination of the water content of oil using the Karl Fischer method
  • Conductivity measurements of aqueous solutions with a conductometer
  • Digital thickness gauge for precise measurement of insulation thicknesses

In addition to experimental tests, the IAEW offers simulations for various problems. Existing insulation systems can be evaluated or new insulation systems designed in the form of simulative investigations, such as field simulations, multiphysics simulations or the creation of constructions. It is also possible to calculate superimposed electrical and magnetic fields of different types, such as parallel DC and AC voltage loads. Furthermore, the calculation of gas, fluid and plasma flows as well as thermal simulations are possible.

The IAEW is able to construct test setups according to standards in its own mechanical workshop. Especially in the production of electrode arrangements a high precision of the tools used is required, which are available in the IAEW workshop. The range of manufacturing possibilities extends from simple electrode arrangements for breakdown tests to the complete production of the mechanical components of complex test benches. The workshop is divided into the following areas

  • Sheet metal processing
  • Carpenter's workshop
  • Welding shop
  • Mechanical workshop

and has extensive equipment such as

  • CNC milling machine (Maho 800)
  • Cycle-controlled lathe (Weiler E55)
  • 4 further conventional lathes
  • Welding equipment for oxy-fuel and Mig Mag
  • Bending machine

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