Energy System Studies


The Institute for High Voltage Equipment and Grids, Digitalization and Energy Economics investigates a wide range of topics related to the central challenge of the 21st century, the energy transition, both in publicly funded research projects and in research contracts. In numerous projects and contracts, software tools have been and are being developed with which a wide range of analyses and simulations can be carried out and complex optimization problems solved. Among other things, we continuously improve them with high demands on robust, qualitative and quantitative results. Thus, they always correspond to the state of the art as well as the state of research.

Our many years of experience in the field of energy system modelling make it possible to work with you to investigate current challenges in the areas of planning, market, operation, stability and digitization and to find answers to the associated questions and uncertainties within the framework of tailor-made studies. Each of the areas consists of different building blocks, a selection of which can be found below.

Many energy system issues are complex and can rarely be reduced to a pure planning, market, operational, stability or digitization problem. Due to the modular structure of the tools, complex questions can be answered by using a chain of modules (toolchain). A classic example of a toolchain is the execution of European market simulations and redispatch simulations based on previously created scenarios and completed by final stability studies. Various other combinations are conceivable and can be coordinated with the contact persons if interested.

Planning Market Operation Stability Digitization
Resource Adequacy und Versorgungszuverlässigkeit.png

Resource adequacy and supply reliability
Europäische Marktsimulationen.png

European market simulations

Optimal Switching

System stability
Cyber Security.png

Cyber Security

Grid expansion
Kraftwerkseinsatzplanung und -bewertung.png

Power plant deployment planning and evaluation

Congestion management
Regelungen in AC-DC-Systemen.png

Controls in AC/DC systems

Block chain
Europäische Energiesystemplanung.png

European Energy System Planning
Lokale Märkte und Flex-Märkte.png

Local markets and Flex markets
Innovativer Netzbetrieb.png

Innovative network operation

Ancillary Services
Integrierte Strom- und Gasnetzplanung.png

Integrated electricity and gas network planning
Sektorenübergreifender Energiesystembetrieb.png

Cross-sectoral energy system operation


Scenario generation

Example of a Toolchain

Example of a Toolchain