Research at IAEW

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The Institute for High Voltage Equipment and Grids, Digitalization and Energy Economics is set up of the professorial chairs Active Energy Distribution Grids, High Voltage Technology and Transmission Grids and Energy Economics...

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Institute for Automation of Complex Power Systems (ACS)

Working with a Real-Time Digital Simulator © Copyright: Peter Winandy

The ACS is an institute of the E.ON Energy Research Center at RWTH Aachen University and also an associated partner of the IAEW.

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Areas of expertise

The IAEW's research spectrum ranges from the development of new insulating materials and electrical equipment to the modelling of cross-sector energy systems and markets to IT security within critical infrastructures.

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Publicly Funded Research Projects

Current major public research projects can be found here.

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Latest and most current information on IAEW publications.

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Open Source

In order to enable a uniform comparison of innovative solutions in the field of grid analysis, planning and operation, a simulation database is required. The models used in numerous publications are presented here.

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