Testing Services

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Due to its extensive laboratory equipment, the IAEW is able to offer a wide range of services. One focus is the testing of insulation systems and materials.

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Energy System Studies

Energy System Studies at the IAEW © Copyright: IAEW

The IAEW has a wide range of robust tools for the simulation and optimization of energy systems. We continuously develop these tools further and make it possible to answer numerous questions in the areas of planning, market, operation, stability and digitalization.

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The laboratory infrastructure of the IAEW ranges from a 4.5 km low-voltage grid at the test centre for grid integration, a DC high-current test circuit and numerous high-voltage test rigs to a laboratory-scale HVDC transmission demonstrator.

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Forschungsgesellschaft Energie (FGE)

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The task of the „Forschungsgesellschaft Energie“ (FGE) is to promote research in the field of energy supply. The association deals with the technical challenges of the energy industry and enables the scientific investigation of the questions arising from energy generation, conversion, supply and utilization. In Addition, it promotes the collection and exchange of practical experiences of members and supports scientific education of young engineers.

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