FGE-Kolloquium: Digitalisation of distribution grids

  Dr. Nolde during the lecture Copyright: © IAEW

The series of FGE colloquia in the winter semester 2023/24 was kicked off on 26 October by Dr Andreas Nolde, partner at BET, with his exciting lecture on "Digitalisation of the distribution grids". We welcomed over 100 participants to the event online and on site.

In his presentation, Dr Nolde spoke about the increasing relevance of grid information in the medium and low-voltage level for the efficient integration of new types of plants and consumers. In the further course of the presentation, he addressed the necessary communicative integration of decentralised flexibilities and summarised the regulatory requirements determined by the GNDEW and §14a, which are currently being constantly adapted by the BMWK and the BNetzA.

The event was moderated by Prof Albert Moser, Chair of Transmission Grids and Energy Economics. All participants were able to ask questions after the presentation. This led to an intensive discussion. Afterwards, the evening ended with a get-together at the Institute and the discussions could be continued together.