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Description of the lecture

Overhead lines form the backbone of the energy supply in Germany and, along with cables, represent a key technology for the transmission of electrical energy. In the context of the energy transition, they are the subject of current public debate. The lecture Overhead Lines gives students of electrical power engineering a broad overview of the structure, function and operation of overhead lines. One focus of the course are the possibilities for increasing the transmission capacity of existing overhead lines. These include among others weather-dependent overhead line operation and high-temperature conductors - both technologies that are currently the subject of national and international research and development projects. In addition, the requirements for overhead line technology in the context of high-voltage DC transmission are assessed. The course contains integrated exercises in which the course content is deepened by working together on current issues, like the integration of wind power plants, and verified by means of exemplary calculations.

Course contents

  • Overview of structure, function and operation of overhead lines
  • Technical, economic and legal aspects relating to the dimensioning, construction and maintenance of overhead lines
  • Planning methods and standards for overhead line projects
  • Structure and materials of overhead lines
  • Insulation coordination of overhead lines
  • Protection against lightning strikes
  • Advantages, disadvantages and applications of technologies to increase the transmission capacity of overhead lines
  • Overhead line monitoring
  • High temperature conductors
  • Direct current transmission
  • Increase of the transmission voltage
  • Reduction of the characteristic impedance
  • Applicability of technologies for pending challenges



Educational Goals

Linking basic technical knowledge for dimensioning and optimising overhead lines within an interdisciplinary framework


Oral examination. Dates will be announced in the lecture (at the beginning and end of the lecture-free period). Registration is possible during the lecture.


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