The Future of Energy Supply


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Christian Ziesemann

Team System stability and grid security


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Philipp Hälsig

Team Distributed Flexibility


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Description of the seminar

The aim of creating a sustainable energy system by increasing the share of energy from renewable sources leads to a shift towards decentralized and highly volatile electricity generation. This transformation induces new requirements for all parties involved in the energy system, such as increased transmission capacities and new operation strategies. In this context, the impact on electricity generation, transmission, distribution, and consumption is discussed. Potential technical and regulatory measures to mitigate arising challenges are presented.

Course contents

  • Allocation of a current topic from the field of energy supply of the future
  • Topics will be presented in an introductory event
  • After the introductory event, a presentation coaching will take place
  • Preparation of the assigned topic through own research
  • Presentation of the researched contents in a lecture (10min)
  • For students in a Master Program: Written paper on the topic
  • Final lecture by a representative from an industry background
  • Sample topics from the last semesters:
    • Local markets in distribution grids
    • Expansion potential and location of hydropower in Europe
    • Hardware-in-the-Loop: A Test System applicable for HVDC System Integration?


Study course (Bachelor or Master) related to the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Participation allocated via RWTHonline

Educational goals

The goal of this seminar is to acquire techniques for the visualization and presentation of complex technical topics as well as becoming acquainted with an interesting and relevant topic within the framework of the future of energy supply.


Attendance at the introductory event and industry lecture as well as presenting the researched contents in a presentation. In addition, for students in a Master Program: writing a paper on the topic.


Literature will be made available individually based on the respective topic.

Notes on application

The number of participants is limited.

Places will be allocated automatically after registration in RWTHonline.

Introductory session

Location and time of the introductory session will be announced ahead of the seminar.