Power Generation and Energy Trading


Photo of Tobias Sous © Copyright: Martin Braun


Tobias Sous

Team Energy markets and grid operation


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Description of the seminar

During an introductory meeting, each participant will receive a current topic in the field of power generation and energy trading. In an additional meeting, a general outline in presentation skills and slide design is given. Afterwards, the topic assigned in the introductory meeting is independently prepared by the students within the scope of literature research. At the end of the semester, the results will be exhibited on a 25-minutes presentation. Afterwards, there is a short discussion regarding contents, didactics and presented slides with the aim of giving feedback to the students. While preparing the presentation, students are going to be supported by a supervisor.

Moreover, students must write a short research paper (about 10-12 pages) according to scientific principles. Through successful participation in the seminar, a certificate for attendance with 4 ECTS can be acquired.

Attendance is compulsory on all dates for all participants.