Laboratory Exercises on High Voltage Engineering


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Aleksandra Wiecha

Team Insulation Systems


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Description of the laboratory course

The lab course offers participants the possibility to deepen their knowledge about common topics of the lectures “High Voltage Engineering” in laboratory experiments.

The participants shall form groups to tackle the practical challenges of each experiment. Together, they shall plan the setup and execution of each experiment. Measurement data has to be analysed critically, and deviations from expected data are to be explained. Results and explanations have to be documented in a protocol by the groups, which will be reviewed by the supervisor.

This laboratory course is specifically designed for students of the Master Program Electrical Power Engineering. It is offered both in the summer and winter semester. Dates and time of the laboratory exercise are given in the introductory session.

Course contents

  • Measuring of Alternating Voltages / Breakdown measurement
  • Generation and Measurement of Direct Voltages
  • Partial Discharge
  • EM Interference
  • Surge Voltages
  • Transient processes on wires: Travelling waves
  • High Voltage Measurement / High Voltage Divider
  • Liquid and solid dielectrics


Bachelor Degree. The laboratory exercise is designed for students attending the lecture High Voltage Engineering 1 or 2.


Results of each experiment are documented in a report by each group. The supervisor will check the report and certify the successful participation of the experiment. After successful participation in 7 out of 8 experiments, the lab course is passed.


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  • Küchler: High Voltage Engineering. Springer Verlag.