Determination of the Network Expansion to Integrate Renewable Energy Sources (4th semester B.Sc.)


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Robert Schmidt

Team System stability and grid security


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Description of the project work

Due to the German energy transition, the number of installed generating units based on renewable energy sources is increasing, which will change the loading of the power grid. This may result in a considerable grid expansion for power grids. Within the scope of this project the current grid utilisation of a power grid is to be determined.

Subsequently, the expansion of renewable energies in the grid area is to be identified as well as the impact on the grid utilisation of this development. In order to ensure a secure grid operation in the future the most cost-effective grid expansion plan shall to be determined by the means of a heuristic algorithm. In addition, the grid expansion method is to be expanded by further functions in order to improve the intelligence of the algorithm. The tasks are to be carried out by groups of four. Additionally, beside the programming and evaluation tasks in MATLAB, there are also workshops to discuss the results.