Professional Environment of Engineers



Kevin Pacco

Team Leader Energy markets and grid operation


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Description of the lecture

This interdisciplinary seminar enables students in the final phase of their studies to talk to executives from the practice. Therefore, representatives of different organizations from the professional field will prepare interactive semi-sessions. Lectures followed by discussion provide insight into aspects such as economic, legal and structural conditions, organization, marketing and dialogue skills. The lectures are characterized by real case studies and interaction.

Course contents

The lectures are characterised by real case studies and interaction. The following topics are planned for the coming winter semester:

  • Assessment Centre, What's behind it?
  • Engineers in the Corporate Consultancy
  • In-Company Co-Determination
  • Challenges and Perspectives for Power Distribution Operator – How E.ON manages its Regional Supplier?
  • Mega Trend Digitalisation – Challenges and Opportunities for Power Economics
  • Digitalisation Index Energy Supplier – Practical Examples of Digitalisation
  • Rhetorical Communication in the Professional Practice of Engineers