NEMO VII: Supporting the BNetzA (Federal Network Agency) in the audit of the Grid Development Plan 2030 (2019)


In the Grid Development Plan (German: Netzentwicklungsplan - NEP) 2030 (2019), the IAEW as an independent third party supports the Bundesnetzagentur (Federal Network Agency - BNetzA) in auditing the proposed grid expansion measures from the german transmission system operators (TSOs). The IAEW uses its own models and procedures to verify model and procedure approaches as well as quantitative investigation results of the TSOs. The evaluation results are published in a final report which BNetzA considered when examining proposed grid expansion measures.

Various steps were taken during the project and are summarized in the final report. The report includes an examination of the methodological approaches as well as a comparison of the simulation results of the expert and the TSOs and the results of the evaluations of grid expansion measures.First, the IAEW examined the modelling of the energy industry scenarios. A special focus was set on the first-time consideration of flow-based market coupling (FBMC). Subsequently, the evaluation of individual grid expansion measures was carried out and, among other things, based on welfare changes on the market, redispatch requirements and CO2 savings. A focus was set on the investigation of proposed interconnectors from Germany to Sweden, Great Britain, Belgium, France and Switzerland, on proposed inner-German HVDC transmission links, (ad hoc) phase-shifting transformers (PSTs) and on two grid booster projects proposed by the TSOs in the grid areas of TenneT and Amprion and TransnetBW.