DC High Current Test Cricuit


The DCLab is a new laboratory for the investigation of components of future DC grids. The modular design of the laboratory makes it possible, that permanent tests with high nominal currents, as well as high fault currents, which typically occur in direct current grids, can be investigated. In terms of fault currents, almost any current form, for example mathematical functions or data from fault simulations, can be realized with the new system. It is therefore possible to develop and test components such as power electronics components, measuring devices, components of converters, fault current limiting devices and other components of DC technology in the laboratory.

The test circuit consists of two partial test circuits; on the one hand, a high-current source for carrying out permanent tests and on the other hand, a controllable capacitor bank, which provides configurable short-circuit currents. The planned characteristics of the high-current source are as follows:

  • Nominal DC current: In = 5.000 A
  • Nominal DC voltage: UDC = 24 V
  • Nominal Output Power: PDC = 120 kW

For the generation of the short-circuit currents, capacitors are used, which are discharged using power electronic devices and a control inductance according. The current waveform can be freely defined, according to test requirements. The high-power source is designed for the following characteristics:

  • Maximum short-circuit current: Ik = 30 kA
  • Duration of maximum short-circuit current: TIk = 50 ms
  • Current rate-of-rise: di/dt > 2 A/µs
  • Charging voltage of the energy storage: ULoad = 8 kV
  • Charging energy: ELoad = 1,92 MJ