Electric Distribution Grids and Smart Grids


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Julian Saat

Team Energy Distribution Grid Planning


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Description of the lecture

The aim of the course is to provide background knowledge, the presentation of challenges and technological developments as well as the application of basic methodological competences in the planning and operation of electrical distribution grids.

Based on an introduction to the historical development of electrical distribution grids, students will gain a basic understanding of the structure, operation and network and process control technology. Challenges for distribution grid operation are derived from politically and technologically driven developments such as the increasing deployment of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, distributed generation as well as information and communication technology (ICT). Based on this, students learn how to apply basic methodological concepts for distribution grid planning as well as for quasi-stationary and dynamic grid modeling and calculation.

The course is divided into the following thematic blocks:

  • Historical development, challenges and opportunities in electrical distribution networks
  • Structure of electrical distribution networks
  • Supply task and expansion planning
  • Stationary and dynamic network calculation
  • Supply reliability and voltage quality
  • Grid connection conditions
  • Protection technology in the distribution network
  • Process control
  • Transition of distribution networks into "smart grids”