FGE Colloquium: System Split in the European Grid

  FGE Colloquium: System Split in the European Grid Copyright: © IAEW

The series of FGE colloquia in the winter semester 2021/2022 continued on 25.11.2021 with an exciting lecture by Dr. Markus Imhof of the transmission system operator Swissgrid AG with the title "System Split in the European Interconnected Grid". Dr. Markus Imhof is Head of Balancing & Scheduling, which is responsible for a safe and efficient operation of the high voltage grid. We welcomed more than 150 participants to the online event.

In his presentation, Dr. Imhof introduced the events that led to a split of the European grid on 08.01.2021. In addition, these were analyzed and the effectiveness of the restoration processes, which were presented in detail and consequently, was discussed.

The event was moderated by Prof. Ulbig, and all participants were able to ask questions about the presentation afterwards. This led to an intensive discussion on topics ranging from potential risks and regional imbalances that can be expected for grid stability in Europe in the future to possible solutions, such as closer, more organized communication between TSOs and improved forecasting models. Afterwards, the evening could end with a virtual get-together and the discussions could be continued together.