FGE Colloquium: "Climate Neutral Germany by 2045 - What needs to be done?"

  FGE Colloquium: "Climate Neutral Germany by 2045 - What needs to be done?" Copyright: © IAEW

The series of FGE colloquia in the winter semester 2021/2022 continued on 27.01.2021 with a panel discussion: "Climate Neutral Germany by 2045 - What needs to be done?". The panellists were Dr. Hendrik Neumann, Technical Managing Director at Amprion GmbH, Dr. Christoph Maurer, Managing Director of Consentec GmbH, Mr. Heribert Hauck, Head of Energy Management at Trimet Aluminium SE, Mr. Frank Brösse, CEO of STAWAG Energie GmbH, and Ms. Line Niedeggen, activist at Fridays for Future. We welcomed over 330 participants to the online event.

The discussion started by presenting the key building blocks, such as accelerating renewable energy sources and grid expansion to achieve carbon neutrality by 2045. It then continued with the contributions that the transport, heat and industrial sectors will need to make in order to achieve this. In this context, the most important factors were also presented, such as the development of electricity prices, which can act as barriers in the industrial sector on the way to climate neutrality. Finally, the impact of CO2 on the climate and thus on natural disasters was highlighted.

The event was moderated by Prof. Moser, and all participants were able to ask questions about the presentations afterwards. This led to an intensive discussion on the question of how climate neutrality can be achieved in the different sectors. Afterwards, the evening ended with a virtual get-together. Part of the get-together included a company exhibition, where companies could introduce themselves to the students.