Projekt “Hands-On Optimization of the European Transmission Network Operation” (M. Sc.)


Photo of Simon Thams © Copyright: Martin Braun


Simon Thams

Team Energy markets and grid operation


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Course description

The increase in off-load generation in the context of the energy transition and increased interzonal trading activities are increasing the load on the German transmission network. Thus, transmission system operators employ extensive congestion management measures to eliminate bottlenecks and ensure the security of supply. For this purpose, they have a broad portfolio of market and grid-related measures at their disposal (including redispatch of conventional power plants, curtailment of renewable energy plants, and use of PST and HVDC systems). In view of the large number of possible measures and bottlenecks to be solved, mathematical optimization models are used to identify the most effective and cost-minimal combinations.

Within this project, an AC and DC power flow calculation as well as a congestion management optimization are developed working in small students groups. The implemented models are applied to different input data sets reflecting ongoing developments in the power system. The gained insights are presented for discussion in a final presentation.

All events are held in presence. The project is also characterized by the use of modern software and a digital submission of performance records. Further information will be provided within the kick-off and via Moodle.