Planung elektrischer Verteilungsnetze (Viertsemesterprojekt B.Sc.)


Description of the project work

In the course of the energy transition, more and more electrical generators and loads are being connected to electrical distribution networks. This ranges from renewable energies, such as wind turbines, to charging parks for electric vehicles. Therefore, in this project we would like to look at exemplary problems that can arise and learn about possible expansion measures to counteract them.

The problems and countermeasures will be simulated in this project with the help of Python and the network calculation tool pandapower. For this purpose, exercises are carried out first, so that the students get to know basic knowledge of Python and pandapower. Afterwards, the knowledge gained can be used to methodically look at the problems and countermeasures. Within the scope of this project, students gain knowledge about grid expansion measures and their challenges as well as the first skills to map and simulate them in Python with pandapower. The project is worked on in predefined groups, so that additionally first experiences of the planning and execution of a cooperative software project under use of agile methods can be gained. We offer support and provide all necessary resources for the execution of the project work in an interactive environment.