Study results: Dependence of the European electricity supply on natural gas


The security of supply with natural gas is tense due to current developments. For this reason, the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection has declared an emergency gas alert. Against this background, the question arises to what extent the European power supply can contribute to reducing natural gas consumption.

The IAEW has investigated this question in a current study: "How dependent is the European power supply on natural gas?". The study was conducted in cooperation with the Chair of Energy System Economics at RWTH Aachen University under the direction of Prof. Aaron Praktiknjo.

The IAEW looked in particular at the influence of a reduction in natural gas consumption in the electricity sector on meeting the demand for electrical energy. For example, a 30% reduction in natural gas-fired electricity generation would result in electrical energy savings of 1.6 TWh (approx. 0.1% of EU electricity consumption). If the electricity sector is to reduce its own natural gas consumption by an average of 40% in the medium term, the electrical energy savings already increase to 37.8 TWh (approx. 1.4% of EU electricity consumption). The results show that in shortage situations, parts of the natural gas power generation can be dispensed in order to support the supply of households and industry with the natural gas thus saved.